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Look BELOW for the contact  list of   liasons  for our many activities  

We visit our senators and congressmen. We testify and  advocate at Texas legislative session hearings and beyond 



Please Contact these Liaison Folks for information on any of our projects

By first name in  your message via this live

and your questions, ideas, suggestions will be forwarded to....

Agenda: Sandy

Face Book: Lisa

Financial stuff: Mina

Postcards to Voters : Georgia, Cherry

Indivisible [State and National]: Lauren

Masks : Kathy

Website: Annie

Letters to the Editor: Bill

GOTV Precinct[s] wide:  Mark and Joyce

Voter registration: Annie

Texas Legislature: Robert, Kirk, Idona

Videos and Billboards : Katie and Andrew

Rural outreach: Karen

Anti-racist Action: Megan

McCaul Project: Vanessa

Climate project: Julia

Community Giving Back: Lorri

Minutes and Membership: Joyce

Apartment GOTV project: Lorri and Cyral

Rapid [legislation] Response Team: Georgia


 and /or contact  Karen [at that Live link up top]

for ANY general questions or ideas

OR  to join one of our virtual meetings

We hold banners, organize, write, call and SHOW UP  to be heard.

  We communicate with our representatives and fellow citizens by postcard, phone  social  media  and every way possible with  our concerns [as well as thanks for jobs well done ]

We  work at the local, state, and national level to  EDUCATE ,  MOTIVATE and ACTIVATE  ourselves and our friends and neighbors

We track our representatives and hold them accountable to US, their constituents.