Get Out The Vote projects

The Huddle has committed  to six voter "touches"  [A touch is some direct voter contact] 

to voters in 5 inner-city election precincts in 2021 – 2022. 

to provide information about local, state, and national elections and encourage active voter participation in all of these elections. 

-- Touch #1 Reminders to vote in  Austin Municipal Elections in May 2021   COMPLETED

-- Touch #2 Gerrymandering Education postcards. This info will be delivered to ALL registered voters (Democrats, Republicans, and non-voting registered voters) in the 5 precincts . [about 6500 hoouseholds]     COMPLETED

--Touch #3 Apartment Voter Registrations Effort is currently on hold until we can determine a path forward. 

-- Touch #4 Postcards for the November Constitutional Amendments Election There were 8 state constitutional amendments on the ballot and, at least TWO VERY IMPORTANT propositions from the City of Austin. The cards  were mailed in EARLY OCTOBER  to the Democrat-leaning voters in our proximate 5 precincts.

MANY Thanks to all who helped   design, coallate, address, etc   !!!!    

--Touch #5 The Huddle will  design and mail GOTV postcards for the Democratic Primary Election in the spring of 2022. Those cards will be mailed to the Democrat-leaning voters in the 5 precincts in early spring 2022

--Touch #6  The handwritten postcard effort to GOTV (get out the vote) for the 2022 November General Election. The cards will be mailed to the Democrat-leaning voters in the 5 precincts. This project is well underway, and about 2000 cards have already been handwritten. If you are interested in joining this effort, email us at

in your mailbox ...and all your neighbors' boxes too  AND THIS TIME we WON !!!