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Do you remember when Texas was Democratic, up until about the 1950s and 1960s? Now Texas is considered a Republican state. 

Here’s what happened. After the Civil War the South never stopped thinking that black and brown people should remain subservient. The South used many ways to suppress rights of black and brown people including lynchings. But a Democratic Party President signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and Texans never forgave the Democratic Party for betraying them. President Lyndon Johnson, when he signed those acts, predicted that angry Texans would migrate to the Republican Party. And migrate they did. 

Once in control Tom Delay taught the Republican Party how to gerrymander to stay in power. And now Republicans are limiting the right to vote to maintain their grip on Texas. We all suffer as an out-of-touch small group of Republicans tread on us and our rights. 

Karen Collins, Austin, Texas  


While we were (understandably) freaking out about Texas Republicans taking away voting rights, medical rights, and LGBTQ+ rights; scamming us out of education funding; failing to keep us safe in extreme weather; eliminating local control for cities showing too much humanity toward their residents; and mismanaging the pandemic, our Republican state senators have passed to the House State Affairs committee a bill creating a new, statewide appeals court that would supersede the Austin area’s majority-Democratic Third Court of Appeals.

So when we sue our Republican state officials here in Austin for the corruption and incompetence for which they’ve become nationally famous, the lawsuit could be appealed to a court full of Republicans, who, in true Republican fashion, would dutifully craft bad-faith, fallacious justifications for their allies’ misdeeds.




LTE re: Republican Rep. Larsen and moderate policies    published  Austin American Statesman 12/9/21

These gentlemen raise legitimate points about the extreme partisanship that exists today.  They miss the easiest and fastest solution.

Larsen says leaders should fix the grid, expand health care, improve water and transportation systems, and develop a comprehensive immigration program.  The letter writer says independents want thoughtful action, not posturing.  I agree.  All of these positions have been Democratic Party goals for years.

The quick solution is to vote for Democrats and demand that they implement the centrist policies moderates want AND establish non-partisan mechanisms to protect the voters’ right to fair state elections.

While there are some extremists in the Democratic Party, the bulk of the platform is widely desired programs—programs Rep. Larsen supports­­--- that will benefit millions of Texans, not just the donor class.  When Republicans stop endlessly fighting the culture war and decide they want to govern, then moderates can choose to switch if they are dissatisfied.

Bill King

Austin, Texas

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