Who ARE we ?

Click on the  LIBERTY HILL  image   below for a GREAT short video about one of our founders ... a personal story which may help with the question "Rosedale Huddle...who, what and  why?": 

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 What IS Indivisible? 

  For a view of Indivisible these days click below

INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy

And then there's

the original Indivisible Guide  

created in late 2016 right here in Austin

Please read it if you havent yet.  

It's short, clear and to the point    



We are an Indivisible group, governed by the principles in the Indivisible Guide. 

Our purpose is to:

· _Resist political, socail nd economic agendas that are racist, authoritarian, and corrupt  

· _Focus on local congressional advocacy. We demand that our own local Members of Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC.

· _Embrace progressive values. While we are non-partisan, we are fighting for progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.

 We fight for voters rights, affordable healthcare, immigration reform, a healthy environment, quality education, equality for all, and other progressive causes we believe our voices can  amplify .

Whether you are new to politics or a seasoned vet, these  threats to our democracy and decency are  pervasive  and there is much to do. We owe it to this generation and future ones to stand up to threats our families, our neighborhoods, our livelihoods, and our world ,

 We are here to make a difference; we are here to take a stand;

 As a group, we aim to inspire and inform, through regular in-person meetings and on-line sharing of events and information. We are here for camaraderie, for action, for knowledge and for a bit of group therapy. We encourage you to take part, offer ideas and information, ask for help when needed and volunteer when possible. Your voice matters and we are our strongest, our best, when we work together